A journey into Web Dev…hopefully

A journey into Web Dev…hopefully

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·Aug 12, 2022·

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Where do I start?

Well... Hi, I'm Mark. I am not exactly new to web development, but I am certainly at the start of the process of being a competent user of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and everything else I need to learn). I want to be able to create my own content and styles and not stick with pre-made, purchased templates and packages. I care deeply about visual design, and it would be fantastic if I could create what I want, exactly, instead of finding something on the internet that "kind of" fits my needs.

I currently work at a specialist school (ages 10 - 16 years old) where I run bespoke interventions, support learning in class and teach computing. I also run our school's WordPress website and gained a lot of new skills using it to support students with content during the first COVID lockdown. The school's blog is my little work project where I have learnt the power of parent/career engagement. Parts of that experience made me want to support others on a larger scale. I plan to create a website to help students with their learning (and parents, too) because they have missed valuable learning time through the pandemic. I'm sure teaching web design will be on the cards this academic year because I have been given a project to prepare a student for the GCSE Computing curriculum and future IT studies.

Where am I right now?

I am currently going through this course on Udemy --> Web Design for Beginners by Brad Schiff. However, I plan to review this as the content only covers some areas I want to develop.

I initially started off ploughing through two courses, the one above and a course on Python. However, I quickly realised I was not gaining a quality understanding of either as I was skimming through them both. With careful consideration, I have decided to focus on HTML and CSS for now. I think using these two, combined with a JavaScript course, will help me with the future projects I have in mind.

I started the #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. I got to 12 days and stopped.

It could be the pressure of studying two courses, supporting others at home and preparing materials/planning for my teaching role. I will reset the challenge from today and see how I get on. I'm not sure if I will post each day on here or tweet about it just yet. I've joined Hashnode as I feel like having experienced developers around will help me become one myself in the future.

BTW, this is the first time I have used markdown to edit a post online. It's a slower process than using a GUI at the moment, but I am sure I will get quicker at it in time.

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